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Retail Solutions

Empowering your team to deliver the best solution for your customers’ needs

Empowering your team to deliver the best solution for your customers’ needs

Here at SWL we provide a suite of powerful software solutions to solve complex productivity business opportunities.

Our solutions can operate on a stand-alone basis to target a specific need within your organisation or can be fully integrated to create an intelligent 360 approach, with an all-encompassing end-to-end (E2E) solution fit for your customers and team.

At SWL we understand that each retailer is different, unique, and special, we ensure that our software solutions reflect this by tailoring to fit seamlessly into your operation, including:

  • Natural language choice
  • Distinct ways of working incorporated
  • Brand look and feel 
  • Integration with your current IT Platform
  • Ability to utilise your current Payroll solution.

The way that a modern retailer works has rapidly evolved. What modern retailers need is access to information, for data fact at their fingertips – enabling continuous informed decision making. SWL Software Solutions are mobile ready, by your side when your customers and team need them most. This enables you to have the confidence and trust needed to make those impactful and rapid decisions in the moment, that will truly accelerate your customer journey. 

Each of our solutions are retail ready, we are retailers at heart and naturally understand the unique challenges that a modern retailer faces and are ready to equip you with the software you need, that will enable the best customer experience.

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