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Employee Clockings Management

SWL Employee Clockings Management

Manage the attendance of your employees without the need for complex, heavy footprint clocking-machine infrastructure.

Are you facing these business pains?

  • Your stores have no systemised process for managing employees’ attendance via a clockings process. This results in a lack of transparency and consistency across each store and the estate overall.
  • You want to systemise your employees’ attendance, however you are concerned about the costs associated with a mass rollout and significant IT footprint this may require.
  • The lack of audit on employee working times creates a significant business risk should the organisation face investigation or audit by HMRC or other public bodies.
  • Employees may be paid incorrectly as there are no robust measures in place to attendance and worked hours. It is difficult for Store Managers to complete thorough investigations when pay queries arise.

How can SWL help?

SWL’s Employee Clockings Management solutions enable retailers to keep track of their employees’ attendance and worked hours with ease, without the need for a significant IT footprint or costly implementation. The digitalised system enables retailers to significantly enhance their capabilities for tracking employee hours and attendance, and can be interfaced with current planning, scheduling and Time & Attendance solutions.

What business benefits can you expect?

  • Transparency of employee attendance and worked hours for all-levels within the retail organisation. The business benefits from robust data capture, and employees have certainty that their attendance in the workplace has been correctly captured.
  • Digitalised capture of clockings means there is a significant reduction in the chance of error when completing payroll activities. Employees will benefit from more accurate pay, whilst Store Management will have less pay queries to investigate.
  • Poor attendance and timekeeping can be robustly managed by the business, and the scale of risk can be easily quantified throughout all levels in the business. Action plans can be put in place to manage any bad practices that may have become ‘business as usual’.
  • Implementation of a fit-for-purpose solution for clockings management, without the significant costs associated with other providers.
  • Clocking devices can be installed in minutes in any area of the workplace – the only requirements are a plug socket and a WiFi connection.
  • SWL’s Employee Clockings Management solutions can be implemented as a standalone solution, or interfaced with current software such as Time & Attendance.

What do our customers say?

SWL’s Employee Clockings Management solution enabled us to move from an archaic paper-based system we’d had in place for years. It has really helped us to manage attendance in our stores and the whole process is so easy and transparent.

Retail Director, UK Retailer

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