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Balanced Scorecard & KPI Management

SWL Balanced Scorecard

Ensure consistent and transparent KPI Management & Reporting across your organisation.

Are you facing these business pains?

  • Inconsistent delivery of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) across Head Office and your Store Estate.
  • Disparate systems and technology, which make it difficult for management and leaders to track business performance quickly and easily.
  • Conflicting priorities in Operational, Customer & Employee functions may result in differing interests and focus for store teams.
  • KPI focus changes from month-to-month, meaning that store teams may take their ‘eye off the ball’ as focus changes from one area to another.

How can SWL help?

SWL’s Balanced Scorecard solutions enable organisations to track performance easily, all in one place. Business leaders and management are easily able to track and analyse business performance and data, understanding where the strengths, opportunities and risks lie in each of the metric areas.

What business benefits can you expect?

  • KPI delivery is sustainable and consistent, regardless of the business priorities, all KPIs become of importance – the ball isn’t dropped, even when business priorities change.
  • KPIs & Scorecards can all be tracked in one place, the landscape of disparate solutions is removed. Leaders and Management can focus on serving customers without the requirement for unnecessary report tracking and administration.
  • The focus of all business functions becomes important as they are all featured in one solution, this results in a focus on all key metrics, rather than a hand-picked selection every month or quarter.
  • Leaders and Managers at every level of the organisation are fully aware of business performance, and know where strengths and opportunities exist for consistent performance.

What do our customers say?

Choosing to partner with SWL wasn’t a difficult decision. They clearly demonstrate thought leadership and innovation through the solutions they have developed in order to solve retailers’ burning issues…

IT Systems Manager, Grocery Retailer

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