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SWL are a specialist practice in developing and evolving Retail Productivity excellence

Supporting retail leadership teams, SWL always works customer back to understand the real issues impacting in retail operations and helps businesses evolve their performance through continuous Retail Productivity improvement solutions.

SWL’s team have a deep-dive background in a variety of demanding retail operational environments and as a result, understands the importance of knowledge being current and reliable – we therefore work hard to ensure we are always in-step with change, in an ever-evolving industry.

In-store innovation

As Retail Productivity Thought Leaders, SWL regularly evolves its understanding of retail, with focussed customer and consumer feedback groups, and the implementation and evaluation of innovative ideas in-store. This builds on a reliable foundation of experience and trusted methods as part of our 30 year customer heritage.

SWL offers a unique suite of products that support businesses and help them make themselves more productive. Our products and solutions range from work study to specialist workforce management tools and from customer experience to labour resource matching.

SWL’s product suite is updated regularly, with products designed to support each of our customer’s needs.

Our team are always available to discuss your organisation’s needs. Click here to request a call back and we will be in touch soon.


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