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Welcome to SWL Group International Ltd

SWL is a specialist practice in Retail Operations Productivity Improvement, collaborating with Retail Operations teams within some of the UK’s largest retailers, adding value in every customer engagement.

At SWL we use our breadth of experience to advise our clients on how to transform their businesses by making significant lasting performance improvements; ultimately ensuring their store operations are the very best they can be.

We combine unparalleled knowledge leadership in retail and productivity services with state of the art workforce management solutions to provide comprehensive, unique and value-added offerings to each of our clients.

Our Experience

SWL have been the trusted productivity advisers to many leading retailers for over 30 years.

At SWL, we make no secret of our intentions to exceed our customers’ expectations every time. We constantly deliver satisfaction by creating bespoke, customer-centric solutions for each client, which yields significant, measurable benefit to their businesses.

As thought leaders within the Retail industry, we work across all verticals:

Department Stores; Drug, Health and Beauty; Electronics and Mobile Phone; Entertainment and Books; Fashion; Grocery, Food Service and Restaurants; Home Improvement and Garden; Office Supplies; Sporting Goods; Value Retailers and Variety Retailers.

Finding the right partner is key here. The relationship is built on trust. You need to be working with somebody who you believe will be on the same journey, with you shoulder-to-shoulder, helping you to iron out the creases along the way. To establish a base, having one measure of what the 'As Is' situation is in your business, is important.

Operations Director, Henderson Group

SWL Retail Crisis Recovery

In 2020, Retailers have faced the toughest challenge since the 2008-12 economic global recession – namely reopening whole estates after an unprecedented crisis and operating in an unknown Retail landscape. SWL’s Retail Crisis Recovery (SWL-RCR) offers the best path and partnership towards a new BAU for Retailers.

Recovery and safe transition into and beyond Retail New Normal needn’t be high risk. SWL-RCR combines thirty years of Retail experience with three essential components for insight, transition and optimisation through this challenging period.

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SWL Retail CCX

SWL’s CCX solution is the future of Retail Customer engagement. It enables the imperative understanding of your Customer’s shopping experience, continuouslyevery day.

Informed with data-fact, retailers can safely implement change, with the customer at the heart of every decision.

Talk to SWL today about your specific application, and discuss how Retail CCX can transform your customer engagement.

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SWL Retail Time & Attendance

SWL’s Retail Time & Attendance app: for Control, Accuracy, Clear Authorisation, Error Reduction, Management and Control, Customer Focus, Compliance and Flexibility, Legislative Agility and Head Office productivity improvements.

If you would like more information on SWL’s Retail Time & Attendance app, or to book a demo, please contact us via the link below.

More information on SWL Retail T&A

SWL – Thought Leaders

SWL’s track record springs from our specialist knowledge and ability to understand and adapt to the retail industry’s major challenges and opportunities.

As Thought Leaders in retail, we have access to our substantial body of primary research, we keep our ears closely to the ground, tracking and synthesising short-term and long-term industry trends. Our weekly sources include fellow Thought Leaders: McKinsey & Company, Deloitte, KPMG, PwC, Boston Consulting Group, MIT, The Economist, The Grocer, Retail Bulletin and British Retail Consortium. Our clients gain from our ability to adapt our solutions to these significant market changes. Their testimonials speak for themselves.

Call us on 01527 895020 to discuss how SWL can advise you on productivity improvement in the face of these complex issues.

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