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Why partner with SWL?

SWL Group International – The Original & Trusted Brand for Retail Productivity Improvement

SWL Group are exemplars in the field of retail productivity improvement solutions & services. We are a 30+ year brand, with a wealth of experience and expertise working in partnership with leading retail brands both in the UK & Internationally. SWL has enjoyed trusted and fulfilling partnerships over this time and enabled continuous productivity improvement, enhanced and more effective operations.

The marketplace for productivity and Workforce Management solutions is vast, where retailers face a difficult choice about which supplier they partner with to act on these important strategies, programmes, and projects. Retailers require a partner who are a ‘safe pair of hands’, will become experts in their business and deliver consistently and provide benefit.

But the choice doesn’t have to be difficult. When looking for an expert partner for Retail Productivity Improvement and Workforce Management, SWL are your supplier of choice. Here are just some of the reasons you should partner with us:

Our Mission & Brand Values

Everything SWL does is underpinned by our Mission & Brand Values; they guide how we engage with our retail partners, and the solutions and services we deliver.

Our mission is: To be trusted productivity advisors to international Retail organisations, building strong partnerships by delivering compelling innovative productivity solutions, which continually deliver competitive edge and measurable benefits.

SWL’s Brand Values are:

  • Quality: Whatever we do, we do it well
  • Diversity: Be inclusive & equitable
  • Integrity: Professional & balanced in attitude
  • Leadership: Responsible & balanced consultancy on customer’s ‘True North’ solutions path
  • Personal Development: Focussed on learning & improvement
  • Accountability: Make positive contributions
  • Passion: Enthusiasm is infectious – do it!
  • Guardians: Live SWL’s values & support our customer’s goals

Our Essence

At SWL we do things differently. We don’t pre-diagnose. We listen to you; fully understanding your current situation and walk your walk.

Then, as a knowledgeable and trusted partner, we engage with real people, process, and data, and from an informed basis we can then advise you on how to be the very best that you can be, now and tomorrow.

No matter the complexity of the client’s business pains, our team work to thoroughly understand the situations in its entirety, before developing the perfect solution to help the retailer respond to the toughest problems.

It is with this way of working that SWL establishes customer partnerships time and time again.

Our Experience

We’ve seen a lot during our 30+ years in business! Over this time, we have partnered with retailers in different verticals, of different sizes and scale, with different challenges and at different levels of productivity maturity.

We’ve developed our practices and methodologies to ensure that they are fit-for-purpose and relevant to your unique characteristics and operational realities.

We can reliably consult and advise you as you embark on your productivity journey or enter your next productivity horizon. We become an ‘extension of your team’, as thought leaders and productivity experts. Our investment and commitment to you means we don’t just ‘walk away’ after a solution or project is delivered, we continue to be trusted advisors at every point in your continuous improvement.

We become the experts in you

Retailers seek a partner who can consistently deliver and be a trusted advisor to your board and operations teams.

At SWL, we make no secret of our intentions to exceed our customers’ expectations every time. We constantly deliver satisfaction by creating bespoke, customer-centric solutions for each client, which yields significant, measurable benefit to their businesses. We are retailers, specialising in productivity improvement.

We don’t overpromise and underdeliver, an SWL partnership is risk averse and rewarding. Through our long-lasting partnerships we become experts in you – we collaborate to identify and solve complex issues that are sustainable and beneficial to your operation. Unlike other suppliers, we aren’t ‘force fit’. Our tailored and bespoke solutions and services and robust and deliver ‘right first time’ – we don’t believe in a voyage of discovery or “fixing forward”.

Discover how an SWL Partnership can benefit your business

An SWL partnership is powerful and can deliver great benefits within your operation. Our knowledgeable and friendly team are always available to discuss your requirements. Simply call +441527 895020 or click here to request a call back, and we will be in touch soon.

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