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Time and Motion – Retail Productivity Studies

SWL - Retail Time & Motion - Productivity Studies

SWL’s expert & scientific Time and Motion – Retail Productivity Studies enable Retailers to ‘act on fact’.

Are you facing these business pains?

  • Your Store Estate is unmeasured, you are unaware or have limited knowledge of how efficient or inefficient your processes and workforce are.
  • The business is on a journey of change. However, the impact on this change is unquantified at store and the impact that it has on sales, service, operations and people.
  • The business understands that processes are inefficient and could be completed more productively. However, you don’t know what to address first or what will deliver the best Return on Investment.
  • Store Teams are working at full capacity. However, you don’t know if the activities they are completing or the time they spend completing them are adding value to your business and customers.
  • Your employees tell you that your processes and tasks at store are inefficient. However, you don’t know what to fix, how to fix it or what to tackle first.
  • Change is required at store to enhance the customer journey and improve business performance. However, you don’t know how to implement it without harming capacity or incurring additional labour cost.

How can SWL help?

SWL’s Time and Motion – Retail Productivity Studies enable retailers to ‘act on fact’ with scientific measurement and expert analysis. SWL’s Time and Motion – Retail Productivity Studies are conducted using proven, industry leading methodologies to establish the efficiency and productivity condition of activities and task at store. They enable retailers to understand how effective their teams are working, where activity happens and who is conducting it. At a deeper-dive task level, SWL’s studies uncover the efficiency and effectiveness of tasks at store.

What business benefits can you expect?

  • Clarity and certainty of the productivity condition of your Store Estate, specific tasks and activities, and importantly where to need to act in order to become a more effective and productive business.
  • An understanding of how effectively specific roles within your business are performing, what activities they are completing and what value they are adding to the customer experience.
  • Understand the cost and impact of every process at store, and quantify the risk and cost implications of inefficient processes and activities.
  • Identification of where ‘blockers’ exist to delivering great service in your stores. Plus, the action required to address these via tailored continuous productivity improvement strategies and projects.
  • Work Standards (Specifications) provide the foundation to begin to effectively deploy labour to your stores. This ensures every location has the right hours to deliver sales, service and operations.
  • Successfully launch new products and propositions with robust processes, which are measured and costed. This results in right-first-time implementation in store.

What do our customers say?

SWL’s Time and Motion Productivity Studies provided us with data and insight we’ve never had before. For the first time, we truly understood the productivity condition of our Store Estate and the impact this has on our processes, people and customers.

Continuous Improvement Lead – Telecommunications Retailer

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