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Retail Resource Alignment & Labour Matching

SWL Resource Alignment & Labour Matching

Align your store resource to meet the optimal resourcing requirements, enabling a resilient workforce, fit for the future.

Are you facing these business pains?

  • The store resourcing approach your business delivers inconsistency across your Store Estate. Store Management make local decisions about how to resource their stores, which don’t always align to the operational needs.
  • Customer experience is delivered inconsistently, with levels of staff presence in your stores inconsistent across the course of each day and week.
  • The forecasted workforce requirement isn’t translated into effective plans when Store Management are completing their scheduling activities.
  • Store Management struggle to face in to conversations with their teams about Labour Matching, resulting in a stagnant, ineffective process. They don’t always have the right tools or knowledge to manage this process robustly.
  • The operation risks not being ready for future operational and customer realities. This risks the ability to best serve customers and remain competitive in the market.
  • Human Resources and Recruitment are often left wrangling with legacy resourcing structures and recruitment decisions. These don’t offer the best value for money or meet the needs of stores and employees.
  • The employment market is changing, the workforce require more flexibility and value in their roles. The current resourcing structure in your business may not be aligned to this, thus creating a barrier for potential job seekers.

How can SWL help?

SWL’s Retail Resource Alignment & Labour Matching solutions enable retailers to align their resource, year round, ensuring a best fit of hours and people to meet customer and operational demands. Retailers can consistently implement bespoke resourcing plans in each location, enabling Store Management to align each store’s resource to the optimal plan via Labour Matching.

What business benefits can you expect?

Retailers can expect to achieve the following benefits with SWL’s Retail Resource Alignment & Labour Matching solutions:

  • Store Management are provided with the tools and knowledge to consistently implement the ideal resourcing plan in their locations. This means they are set up to meet the operational and customer requirements throughout the year.
  • Risk and inaccuracy of store-specific resourcing decisions are eradicated. Data-fact and modelling provides the foundation for a reliable and repeatable process in which to recruit and manage existing resources most effectively.
  • The business’ resource is always aligned to the needs of the business and customers, considering not only the current landscape, but factoring any known future needs and requirements. This means your operation will always be ‘future fit’.
  • The business can easily and transparently track the status of each location, understanding how closely aligned they are to the optimal recruited situation. Retail leaders can understand where risks lie, and put plans in place to address them.
  • Store specific characteristics are considered, rather a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to resourcing across the Store Estate. This leads to better recruitment outcomes and better employee retention.

What do our customers say?

Choosing to partner with SWL wasn’t a difficult decision. They clearly demonstrate thought leadership and innovation through the solutions they have developed in order to solve retailers’ current burning issues.

IT Systems Manager, UK Grocery Retailer

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