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Retail Labour Modelling & Budgeting

SWL - Retail Labour Modelling & Budgeting

Comprehensive and integrated Labour Modelling & Budgeting for Retailers.

Are you facing these business pains?

  • An arbitrary approach to Labour Hours deployment based on factors such as Store Banding or Sales Per Worked Hour. This results in under or over resourced stores based on demand and service requirements.
  • A flat allocation of labour throughout the course of the year, that doesn’t consider the variability in trade.
  • Changing operations and propositions in stores which are not reflected in workload budgets issued to stores, resulting in over-stretched store teams.
  • Incorrect allocation of labour in stores, or misaligned hours across the day or week. This harms customer service and experience in stores.
  • A lack of transparency in hours allocations from Head Office to stores. This results in a lack of understanding for Store Management teams.
  • The business requires labour hours optimisation to meet budgeting constraints. However, it doesn’t know which areas to target without risking service, sales and task delivery.
  • A lack of integration between systems meaning deployment of hours is lost in translation during store labour planning activities.

How can SWL help?

SWL’s Retail Labour Modelling & Budgeting solutions enable retailers to accurately quantify and model the hours required to operate all locations across Store Estates. They enable a scientific and data-driven understanding of where retailers should deploy their hours, enabling the most optimised labour spend and best execution of sales, service and task delivery at stores and consider the variability in workload throughout the year.

What business benefits can you expect?

  • A workload budget which directs hours precisely where and when they’re needed to meet the customer service promise and task demand.
  • There is a full appreciation of peaks, seasons, holidays, task and related employee requirement, which delivers year-long operational certainty to the business.
  • Head Office functions such as Finance, Human Resources, Recruitment and Store Operations have clarity on labour spend through every week of the year. This means plans can be made well in advance.
  • Facilitating ‘what if’ modelling, to assess the impact and risk of change.
  • Confidence that the model always reflects the current operation, via the labour model maintenance program.
  • Store Management Teams are motivated and have a full appreciation and understanding of their labour budget, and can confidently execute upon labour planning activities.
  • Stores are set-up for success, resource is aligned to the anticipated demand of the day and week, enhancing sales and service delivery.

What do our customers say?

If any business was seeking a safe partner that could quickly make fact-based recommendations as to where operating costs could be reduced without impacting service… I wouldn’t look any further than SWL.

Head of Technology, Telecommunications Retailer

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