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CX Solutions

SWL CX - Continuous Customer Experience Solutions

Continuous Customer Feedback solutions for businesses and their Customers

  • Real time feedbackCCX provides instant reach and engagement with customers, allowing companies to quickly gather feedback and take swift action to improve the customer journey.
  • Actionable Data  – CCX uncovers the “why” behind customer sentiment, giving companies route cause analysis and clear improvement areas.
  • Boost Customer RetentionContinuous engagement with customers enables companies to ensure their propositions are aligned with customer expectations, supporting long term retention.

SWL’s CCX (Continuous Customer Experience) is a next generation customer feedback solution designed for industry wide operations. CCX enables in-moment-feedback across a diverse customer population, helping companies foster a deep understanding of customer needs. Real time customer insights help uncover burning issues within your operation, enabling you to drive innovation and action that improve the customer journey.

Unlike solutions that only gather a general consensus of customer opinion towards your propositions, SWL’s CCX dives deep into the “why” behind customer feedback, providing much needed clarity on specific improvements customers want to see, allowing leadership to make truly informed decisions.

SWL are specialists in delivering efficiency and service improvements in all types of B2C organisations, helping businesses obtain that competitive advantage. Our CCX solution has been adapted to meet the needs of customer-centric organisations including: Retail, Fitness & Leisure, Attractions, Museums & Art and Hospitality. With user friendly innovation and interactive surveys, CCX gives customers a voice, yielding industry wide high customer response rates.

CX Solutions