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Footfall Analytics Solutions – CustomerCensus

Customer Insights & Analytics - CustomerCensus

Advanced Footfall Analytics Solutions for Retailers & Operators

  • In-depth footfall analytics – Real time on-site footfall analytics, identifying age, gender and group make up
  • Understand Site Usage – Understanding of how different customer profiles engage and utilise different facilities on-site
  • Streamline Operational Processes – Improved operational efficiency, giving an accurate view of queue times, hot & cold spots and when service is most at risk

While eCommerce platforms effortlessly track, monitor, and utilise customer data, brick-and-mortar sites have traditionally faced limited options for data collection. Customer data captured from loyalty platforms offer limited insights into customer behaviour, focusing primarily on point-of-sale transactions and purchases. This approach means businesses miss out on a comprehensive understanding of customer behaviour, on-site activity, and product engagement.

SWL’s CustomerCensus solution is a cutting-edge, smart camera system performs detailed footfall analytics and decodes customer behaviour in real-time. Built with privacy in mind, data is processed on the edge; no photos or videos are stored, while valuable data insights are available instantly, on age, gender, shopping groups, missions and more.

CustomerCensus illuminates the dark data of the customer journey that would otherwise go unaccounted for. From entry to the point of sale, it provides valuable insights throughout the entire customer journey.

Footfall Analytics Solutions