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Continuous Customer Experience – CCX for Retail

SWL Continuous Customer Experience - CCX for Retail

The next generation CX feedback solution, for retailers and your customers

Are you facing these business pains?

  • Customer insight teams often face challenges in obtaining a complete view of all in-store customer behaviours—spanning historical, present, and forecasted data. Moreover, the customer feedback currently collected may only scratch the surface, focusing on top-level service questions or capturing a mere snapshot in time.
  • Customer metrics, such as Mystery Shopper, only represent a ‘snapshot in time’, resulting in a limited view of customer experience and satisfaction in your stores.
  • Adapting to a dynamic, rapidly changing environment and anticipating change to keep in step with customers changing needs.
  • Not having a comprehensive understanding of customer needs, with limited options to uncover new avenues of discovery and innovation.
  • Uncertainty and lack of data to support which in-store propositions to promote, which ones to enhance and which ones to discontinue.
  • Decrease in sales and diminishing retention of your current customer base.

How can SWL help?

Designed for retailers by retailers, SWL’s Continuous Customer Experience CCX for Retail solution is a sophisticated and highly flexible in-store solution that gathers in-depth customer insights. CCX’s in-store ‘intelligent touch-screens’ gather forensic 360° customer views on burning topics for retailers. CCX enables winning customer experience for retailers – better customer experience equals higher customer success.

What business benefits can you expect?

Primary research from CCX will provide your organisation with knowledgeable action, supporting with the following benefits:

  • Primary research, achieved from live data insights from customers, helps optimise your retail operation and in-store propositions, ensuring they are always in line with customer expectations. This places your business ahead of competitors.
  • CCX enables you to enhance retail customer experience – giving instant, continuous reach to 1000s of your in-store customers every week. CCX also provides identification of what your customers wants and needs are, ensuring you can always meet their wants and needs.
  • Insights from CCX are not just a snapshot of your operation. They provide continuous data insights over an extended period of time, allowing you to seamlessly track change over time.
  • Capture customer feedback from a truly representative sample – both from your loyal customers and those that are neural. You can understand what keeps customers loyal, as well as what makes customers ‘brand switch’.
  • CCX surpasses other CX solutions such as CSAT and Net Promoter, providing you with a comprehensive of the ‘why’ as well as the ‘what’. Deep dive into root causes of customer dissatisfaction and make measurable improvements.
  • Retail managers can make data-driven and informed decisions with CCX, understanding burning issues with customers, helping you to improve services and the store environment.
  • CCX is the ideal solution for understanding new operational initiatives, it confirms your hypotheses with focussed customer campaigns. Risk and uncertainty associated with change are minimised. Data fact gives you strong certainty and ensures you are always in tune with your customers.
  • Retail CX teams can target surveys by store, area, or characteristics – published on a specific date and aligned to the retail calendar. This means you can push targeted campaigns to store which will deliver specific insight when and where you need it the most.
  • Data insights from CCX can be interrogated through instant mobile reporting, with dynamic drill-down from estate to store. You can get to the heart of customer dissatisfaction and effect change quickly and seamlessly – all the way from the boardroom to store teams.

What do our customers say?

One successful grocery retailer installed CCX in a representative cohort of their stores for a two-month period and benefitted from an average of 45,000 customers engaging, via the CCX touchscreen in-store, each week.

This level of engagement was unparalleled to any previous CX channels they’d used – giving the best reach/ accessibility to in-store customers, plus high-quality primary research information, to reliably make changes to the in-store proposition.

During this study, many discoveries were made, but one in particular of note was the significant opportunity for services and operational improvement, as over 4,000 of their customers were compelled to register their ‘Anger/ Frustration’ during their shopping visit.

This enabled the Operations Team to spring into action, with drill-down investigation to the underlying reasons for this. Armed with ‘data fact’ they could then translate it into meaningful change across their propositions.

This action programme, over the following weeks, yielded a significant uplift in performance, supported by measurable sales and service KPIs, plus CCX primary research feedback.

In summary, customers could see their opinions were valued, and were acted upon, by the store.

Wow, this has delivered on its promise and continues to do so. CCX enables us to qualify with customer before we act.

Head of Customer Insights

It’s great to partner with SWL, they’re a company that clearly specialises in understanding your customer and applying effective CX solutions.

Area Manager

SWL have been an extension to our Ops team. They have an appetite to really understand each locations operation and then provide pragmatic and trustworthy guidance on continuous improvement.

Head of Support Services

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