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SWL’s CCX gives unrivalled Customer CX Insight!

SWL’s CCX gives unrivalled Customer CX Insight!

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This quick Q&A with SWL CEO Mathew Buckley unpacks this ‘next-level’ customer engagement and feedback retail solution

Key takeaways from this Q&A:

  • Retailers need a continuous dialogue with customers in-store 
  • Retailers want reliable data, from meaningful engagements with customers
  • Retailers need the freedom to ask any Qs in any store, at any time
  • Existing insights tools/ mystery shoppers fall short of these goals.

Today we are going to talk about CCX – Continuous Customer Experience from SWL Group International Ltd.

This solution supports retail Customer Insights and Retail Operations teams.

In this Q&A we’ll unpack the benefits of CCX with SWL CEO, Matthew Buckley.

Q: Hello Matthew. When it comes to Customer Insights tools, what is new and different about CCX – Continuous Customer Experience?

A: CCX takes Customer Insight reporting to the next level. 

Here at SWL we have surveyed retailers and they have told us that conventional tools such as, ‘strongly agree to strongly disagree’ LIKERT surveying, tick-box service questionnaires, touchscreen ‘smileys’ and even mystery shopper visits, often fall short of getting under the skin of the real issues they need to understand from their customer’s shopping experience. 

Conventional tools often ask just high-level questions about service or gain feedback from a subjective and brief snapshot in time (Mystery Shopper). 

Retailers want a truly meaningful and ongoing dialogue with their customers, to act with confidence and no risk. 

CCX is the next generation CX solution; designed for retailers. It is data-deep, it’s continuous and it can be configured to feedback on any subject, within any store. 

It, therefore, gives retailers certainty to make safe and measurable improvements to their store environments, and the services/propositions customers can enjoy. 

CCX is also the perfect way to test the appetite from customers, for an in-store initiative, prior to the expense of trialling it. Also, within a trial, to land the project, the customer can guide on modifications, to make the initiative even better and deliver optimum benefits. 

Q: Who is this for and brings the best benefit to?

A: CCX benefits anyone in a retail team who wants to capture a unique perspective from their customers, aligned to their department or function. The obvious beneficiary leaders are retail Boards, retail Customer Insights teams and retail Operations and Finance teams.

Q: Where is CCX up and running?

A: Because it is very dynamic and diverse, we started off in grocery. Grocery was a real test for CCX’s capability, and I’m really pleased that it passed with flying colours. 

There is now uptake within other retail categories. The feedback has been special, with customers saying it delivers on its promise, enabling new discoveries and the data, to confidently act on positive change. 

We’re delighted to report, CCX is setting a new benchmark for CX solutions.

Thank you very much Matthew.

This is brief and a top-level introduction to CCX

To find out more or ask any questions, please contact us on (0)1527 895020 or complete our contact form.

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