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CCX – Continuous Customer Experience

Continuous Customer Experience

The next generation CX feedback solution, for retailers and their customers

Designed for retailers by retailers, SWL’s CCX – Continuous Customer Experience is a sophisticated and highly flexible in-store solution that gathers in-depth customer insights.

Being more flexible and deeper than ‘Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree’ LIKERT studies – CCX’s in-store ‘intelligent touch-screens’ gather forensic 360° customer views on burning topics for retailers.

Everything is then data-managed and fed straight back to HQ, enabling retail leadership teams to make fact-based decisions on the future store proposition.

Who is it for?

Retail Leadership teams. Retail Customer Service Insights professionals. Retail Operations Directors and Retail Managers – and anyone who wants to get customers’ unique perspective on a specific aspect of their shopping experience with you.

Problems solved

  • Retailer leadership/ customer insights teams may not have full visibility on all in-store customers behaviours (historical, present and forecasted). In addition, the customer feedback that you currently gather may only be top-level service questions or a snapshot in time (like Mystery Shopper).
  • In addition, the retail landscape is dynamic, with rapid change; therefore retail executive teams must anticipate change to keep ‘in-step’ with customer’s changing needs, and for continuous improvement in-store.
  • CCX – the Continuous Customer Experience solution, often makes ‘discoveries’ on unknown but essential customer wants and needs.
  • The Survey & Confirmation process delivers real-time, up to date intel on preferences and needs (reporting intra-day and staying continuously engaged with the many thousands of customers visiting each day). Dependable, go-deep data, then enables leadership teams to make modifications to in-store propositions to ensure that they align with customer expectations, boosting retention, whilst ensuring a return on in-store investment.


  • Simply having customer ‘like/dislike’ service feedback does not return deep-dive intel., CCX does.
  • CCX ‘Confirms’ or ‘Explores’ any aspect of operational performance and all forms of change, that can impact on the customer. Leveraging learning to adapt your in-store model effectively, CCX provides a powerful insight tool that compliments the recognised CX KPIs of CSAT, CES and NPS.
  • ‘Primary research’ data from customers (full, easy to digest reporting) is pulled swiftly in front of you and your senior management team – giving reach from the Boardroom to store and back. Formatted as needed, this gives you clarity on burning operational issues to deliver your best shopping experiences in-store as part of your operational strategy. This strongly underpins (as part of this strategy) customer service initiatives, labour models and management, service level targets, customer retention, product performance and sales growth.
  • This is not one-off. CCX delivers continuous customer engagement insight and reporting.
  • Risk and uncertainty around projects and initiatives are minimised, and robustness with ‘data-fact’ gives certainty.
  • Your ability to be always ‘current’ on in-store change and tapped into the ‘customer’s paradigm’ is very powerful.

Case study

One successful grocery retailer installed CCX in a representative cohort of their stores for a two-month period and benefitted from an average of 45,000 customers engaging, via the CCX touchscreen in-store, each week.

This level of engagement was unparalleled to any previous CX channels they’d used – giving the best reach/ accessibility to in-store customers, plus high-quality primary research information, to reliably make changes to the in-store proposition.

During this study, many discoveries were made, but one in particular of note was the significant opportunity for services and operational improvement, as over 4,000 of their customers were compelled to register their ‘Anger/ Frustration’ during their shopping visit.

This enabled the Operations Team to spring into action, with drill-down investigation to the underlying reasons for this. Armed with ‘data fact’ they could then translate it into meaningful change across their propositions.

This action programme, over the following weeks, yielded a significant uplift in performance, supported by measurable sales and service KPIs, plus CCX primary research feedback.

In summary, customers could see their opinions were valued, and were acted upon, by the store.


Wow, this has delivered on its promise and continues to do so. CCX enables us to qualify with customer before we act.

Head of Customer Insights


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