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SWL’s Retail CCX – Continuous Customer Experience – the future of Customer Engagement

SWL Retail CCX - the future of customer engagement

SWL Retail CCX – Continuous Customer Experience

Retail CCX – Continuous Customer Experience


  • Retail CCX is Special – it’s the Next Generation of Customer Feedback Solutions.

  • Retail CCX is designed for Retailers.

  • Retail CCX listens to the Customer voice.

  • Retail CCX ensures Retailers can make effective operational change.

  • Retail CCX enables Continuous Improvement to the Customer Shopping Experience.

  • Retail CCX offers Continuous Customer Experience.

It’s expected that Retailers will have strong Data Analytics and Intelligence on historical and forecasted Customer behaviours. However, for a complete and rich ‘Customer 360 view’ – Retail CCX is a must.

This is Primary research at its VERY BEST. It enables Boards a real-time Reach & Engagement on Customer’s experiences in-store. Retail CCX is a special CX engagement tool designed for Retailers by Retailers – providing the agility not available from outdated / traditional customer feedback methods. YOU ‘Control the Narrative’, engaging on any IMPORTANT or UNANSWERED queries for your board.

Ultimately, you engage on what Customers would like to see: Stopping, Starting, Continuing and Improving inStore. SWL’s Retail CCX is absolutely about the now – where you will always be in-step with the evolving behaviours of customers in the variable Retail New Normal.

OmniChannel is the connected, seamless, hyper-personalised customer shopping experience, whether online (desktop or phone) or in-store. It has never been more crucial for retailers to have a totally integrated solution for this.   This is a direct, real-time interface between you and the customer, that instantly captures his or her feedback right at the heart of the store. Please watch this space for more information on the launch of Retail CCX – Continuous Customer Experience. Retail CCX has significant benefits over Mystery Shopper, and Smiley face feedback approaches. Some standout highlights are:

  • It gives instant and continuous reach to thousands of store customers every week – it’s not a snapshot in time, like Mystery Shopper
  • It captures ALL types of Customers, those loyal to the brand, plus neutral customers, achieving a truly, representative sample
  • It gains actionable, real-time insight of customer’s thoughts about your service delivery, which you can interrogate through instant, mobile reporting with dynamic drill down from estate to store
  • It also facilitates store cohort analysis, enabling timely, informed decision making on focussed operational areas of interest
  • It is the ideal solution for understanding new operational initiatives and confirms your hypotheses with focused customer campaigns
  • It is very agile – you can target surveys by store, area or by characteristics, published at a specific date and time aligned to the retail calendar.
  • With Head Office remote management, with Retail CCX you can effect change immediately with no service interruption to the customer or store team.

SWL’s Retail CCX solution is the future of Retail Customer engagement. It enables the imperative understanding of your Customer’s shopping experience, continuously, every day. Informed with data-fact, retailers can safely implement change, with the customer at the heart of every decision. Retail Continuous Customer Experience.

Talk to SWL today about your specific application, and discuss how Retail CCX – Continuous Customer Experience – can transform your customer engagement.

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