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Waitrose invest for the future


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Waitrose have this week announced that first-half profits will be negatively impacted by huge investments in the business as they attempt to reach a prime level of customer offer. The money has been ploughed into multiple areas of the business, ranging from new click and collect lockers in commuter locations, to providing value and promotions for MyWaitrose members, and even concierge-style welcome desks.

Investment in your business can enhance future opportunities and reduce threats to organisational goals and objectives, mitigating the risk of high initial costs. However not all retailers are able to visualise the potential that could be achieved with current action, or equate the investment to future opportunity.

At SWL, potential benefits are based on scientific, fact- based measurement to provide the most realistic picture of your future situation and ensure the risk of your investment is the lowest it can be.

Waitrose have considered the financial cost in relation to benefits, to determine the value that can be achieved over a certain timescale. They have shown the insight to split the situation into ‘As Is’ and ‘To Be’ states and know certain sacrifices such as high investment costs and negative profit reports are necessary steps on the journey of reaching future goals.

The investment strategy Waitrose has employed could really begin to bear fruit as the already tough grocery market grows ever-competitive, they can only hope that their costly consideration of the customer will be reciprocated over the years to come.

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