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2020 has shown that the balance of Service and Cost Management is vital now for Retailers.  Retail Time & Attendance from SWL is designed for Retailers by Retail Experts. At last, a customer-focused Time and Attendance APP for inStore Retail labour cost management and service delivery. No compromise!

Why compromise Customer service and operational productivity excellence? This new application contains seven essential components:

1) One version of T&A and HR/Payroll Truth

  • One version of the truth for all stores on T&A practices, control and decision making to complete monthly payroll process.
  • Reduction in errors and delivery of efficient store submission practices.

2) Store Management – Efficient Time Capture & Recording

  • Eradicate the need for the store management team to manually record colleagues in and out of the store or monitor breaks.
  • Manual approaches also have increased complexity when factoring in out-of-hours operations.

3) Planned versus Actual Compliance

  • Colleagues paid for their exact hours – audits resolve any disputes and provide accuracy.
  • Reduction in overpayments for hours/minutes not worked.

4) Break Compliance

  • Decrease dramatically the instances of break non-compliance across all shifts.
  • Reporting enables identification of trends and behaviours and informed decision making for management team members.

5) Store Management – Scrutiny of Daily Exceptions

  • Eradicating manual approaches means time is released back into the store environment.

6) Store Manager Completes Weekly Payroll Submission

  • Removal of inefficient paperwork with automated collation of payroll information.
  • Clear Authorisation decisions at the end of each week/month.

7) Output to Payroll automated with file(s) submission to HR/Payroll

  • Minimal friction in sending payroll data effortlessly to payroll.



SWL’s Retail Time & Attendance app: for Control, Accuracy, Clear Authorisation, Error Reduction, Management and Control, Customer Focus, Compliance and Flexibility, Legislative Agility and Head Office productivity improvements.

If you would like more information on SWL’s Retail Time & Attendance app, just call Gareth Richards on +44 (0)1527 895 020. Alternatively, you can email him at gjr@swlgroup.com.

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