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Realise your 2024 Retail Productivity Goals with SWL

Realise your Productivity Goals in 2024 with SWL.

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As we approach the new year, retail’s leaders will be heading to stores and rolling up their sleeves to help deliver peak performance. It’s also a great way to evaluate your productivity goals for 2024.

What should you Start, Stop, Continue & Enhance to make your retail operation more efficient and future fit?

For over 33 years, SWL has partnered with leading international retail brands to realise their productivity goals and ambitions – delivered through our bespoke Retail Productivity solutions, tools, and services.

SWL work customer-back to understand your business pains and opportunities and translate these into tailored solutions to truly enable continuous productivity improvement and operational efficiency.

Here’s just some of ways that SWL’s Expert Team can help you achieve Retail Productivity Excellence in 2024:

  • Uncover the AS IS productivity condition of your Store Estate – identification of blockers to increasing store productivity and actionable insights to realise your true productivity potential with SWL’s expert & scientific Productivity Studies.
  • Truly understand how your customers want to engage with your brand in-store, their specific wants, and desires to support beneficial change with SWL’s Continuous Customer Experience – CCX solutions.
  • Deploy the right hours to meet task and service requirements throughout every week of the year – setting your store teams on a journey of success with SWL’s Labour Modelling & Budgeting solutions.
  • Matching store resource to customer & task demand – enabling a resilient workforce and sales, service & operational delivery with SWL Resource Alignment solutions.

To learn more about how SWL can benefit your operation, and achieve your Retail Productivity Goals in 2024, reach out to our expert team today.

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