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Morrisons: Customer Experience at the forefront of a strategy to “reinvigorate, refresh and strengthen”

Customer Experience at the forefront of Morrisons' transformation

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Morrisons has made no secret of its dissatisfaction of current business performance. In November 2023, the supermarket welcomed a new CEO, Rami Baitiéh, joining from Carrefour in France. He has been tasked with reversing Morrisons’ fortunes, leading the business on a path of transformation.

On joining the business, Rami remarked “since the pandemic, Morrisons has not been on peak form. Our market share has slipped slowly and consistently and (underlying) sales have been below for the pack for a while”. Customer satisfaction has also slipped – in 2023, a Which? Survey of customers found that customer satisfaction at Morrisons was at 68%, scoring second from bottom versus the competition.

Starting a new chapter

Rami has set about understanding and talking to Morrisons customers about their experiences at the grocer, taking on board their suggestions and ideas to make positive change in the business.

“Listening to customers and colleagues will show us the way” is at the forefront of Morrisons and Rami’s strategy. The grocer has kickstarted monthly shopper roundtables, with weekly meetings with customers in stores which are deemed “particularly challenged”. It has also vowed to not hold any major meetings without the attendance of a customer panel to provide insights on how it can improve. Customers will be asked for their view on issues such as pricing service and products.

Store Managers are also a key cog in the strategy to improve and enhance its customer experience. They are seen as pivotal to talking to customers and providing the board with insights from the shopfloor.

The current customer experience strategy and sentiment echoes the thoughts of the founder of Morrisons, Sir Ken Morrison, who once said:

“Go and shop in your shop and have a look at it. Talk to the people, talk to the customers. And don’t make presidential visits to places. Go as an ordinary member of the public. And once you win people’s confidence, whether they be staff or customers, you do learn a lot. And you’re never quite as good as you think you are.”

As retailers target connection beyond transactions’, CX strategies must enable continuous reach and qualitative insights, which the business can act upon and monitor the change impacts.

SWL’s CCX – Delivering Continuous Customer Experience & Insight

SWL’s Continuous Customer Experience – CCX solution for Retail enables retailers to gather in-depth customer insights continually in store. For retailers embarking on new CX and transformation strategies, it enables a 360-degree view of the burning topics that are important to customers and retailers.

Designed for retailers, by retailers, SWL’s CCX is a sophisticated and highly flexible in-store solution. Empowering leadership to ask any question at any time, CCX seamlessly fits into any aspect of your operation, gathering live data insights and primary research from customers, ensuring that you can keep your in-store propositions in line with evolving customer expectations.

Where other strategies may provide a ‘moment in time’ snapshot of the store operation, SWL’s CCX provides continuous deep dive data insights over an extended period of time, allowing retailers to seamlessly track change over time. In addition, CCX provides real, actionable knowledge to enable continuous improvement. It is more than smiley faces or likes/dislikes that other solutions provide, it is a CX solution offering unrivalled capacity to explore every facet of your operation.

CCX also goes beyond standard CSAT & NPS CX methods, because it gets under the skin of what drives good and bad experience in-store – the ‘root causes’. CCX can target different shopper profiles during the trading day to explore and understand unlimited subjects of interest to retail decision makers.

Customer insights and reporting from CCX gives reach from the shopfloor to the board room, with zero Store Management administration burden. It enables retail teams the clarity to address burning operational issues and to invest confidently into the areas that are of most importance to their customers, providing the best shopping experience possible.

CCX ensures that future in-store change is validated and researched with customer first. Retailers can now act with confidence, on continuous data-fact from their customers. It’s a CX game changer.

Discover how SWL’s CCX can benefit your Retail Operation

We’d be delighted to tell you more about how SWL’s Continuous Customer Experience for Retail can benefit your operation.

Whether you have an established CX strategy or are on a transformation journey, CCX can add immense benefit and value for your Retail Operation.

Contact SWL on (+44) (0)1527 895 020 or get in touch with the team here.

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