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Diving Deeper into Customer Experience

Diving Deep into Customer Satisfaction

Do you understand your customer needs?

Standard CX solutions such as CSAT and NPS can be inflexible, not providing the required agility to fully explore customer needs. Whilst they have a place in understanding the “what” behind customer feedback, they fail to uncover the WHY behind customer experiences. There’s long been demand for a new Customer Experience solution offering continuous engagement and real actionable knowledge on the changes customers want to see.

Introducing SWL’s CCX – Continuous Customer Experience, the revolutionary customer feedback solution re-connecting operators with customers, providing continuous engagement and actionable insights that help promote active lifestyles across your community.

The 2-hour Virtual Event will showcase this breakthrough in CX technology and methodology, exploring how this “game changing” CX solution enabled Rivers to transform their Customer Experience – with over 150,000 customer insights within 1 year.

This event will showcase:

  • A new breakthrough in CX methodology and technology – diving deeper into the ‘why’ behind customer sentiment
  • The benefits of continuous customer engagement for leisure operators and how these actionable insights can help you promote active lifestyles across your community.
  • How Rivers Fitness’ use of new CCX technology has enabled them to transform their approach to customer feedback, generating over 150,000 customer insights in just one year.

When? June 2024

Duration? 2 hours

Where is it? Online – From the comfort of your office, register for joining details by completing the below form.

Sign up today, and put your customers first.

    We’ve transitioned this event to a Virtual setting, in light of high interest from UK-wide Leisure & Fitness Leads. We look forward to joining you for this dynamic, virtual experience in June 2024.