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Retail COVID safety bulletin

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This is a must-read for UK retailers this month from Business Companion. Their Coronavirus bulletin, in collaboration with Trading Standards, gives a superb and concise summary of the health and hygiene guidelines, considerations and imperatives for retailers after re-opening stores.

Entitled ‘Working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19) – a retail guide’, it comprehensively spells out and illustrates our priorities for COVID safety, including:

  • Is your business allowed to be open?
  • The key points of working safely
  • Understanding what we already know about the virus
  • Preparation
  • Elements of risk: the regulations, working safely for retailers and customers
  • First steps, including managing transmission risks
  • Risk assessments and how to do them
  • Working from home
  • Social distancing, workstations and PPE
  • Returned, rented and handled goods
  • Cleaning and hygiene
  • Travel and vehicles
  • Goods inward and outward
  • Mishaps
  • Other people’s homes

In addition, there are some excellent appendices, including detailed, market-specific guidance for outdoor businesses, food and drink, and shops in England.  The document also includes many essential links to guidelines from official sources, such as HSE, CTSI, Public Health England and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

SWL Group have helped our many clients to optimise their in-store operations and deliver more effective, more efficient systems. Our unique insights have been invaluable in the preparations and execution of store re-openings. SWL’s Crisis Recovery programme combines our long-term operational expertise with invaluable insights on the Retail New Normal. This includes COVID safety along with Retail Time & Attendance and all facets of Retail Store Operations.  SWL Crisis Recovery delivers three phases: Insight, Transition, Optimisation.

Everyone wants help from a trusted advisor at a time of uncertainty – Retail Store Improvement specialists, the SWL Group, are a proven and robust choice for todays complex market challenges. In the first instance if you would like more information on SWL Crisis Recovery, please contact us on (0)1527 895020 or complete our contact form.

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