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Retail productivity is for life – not just for Christmas

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With continuing supply chain and labour issues plus the reintroduction of enhanced Covid safety measures, should retailers remain cautious this December or be full of festive cheer? 

Customer challenges

We’re heard from various sources that this month, Brit shoppers are facing the biggest price hikes in 30 years. 

Fears of availability, especially in terms of grocery essentials, sent customers racing to buy seasonal goodies as early as October. 

Whereas previously, shoppers may have dropped an item into a trolly or basket without a second thought, many may now be scrutinising price tags and choosing with care.

Management challenges

Retail management teams continue to battle supply chain and employee shortages, as well as inflation spikes. 

And with instore facemasks mandatory once again, many brands are worried that their shopfloor teams will face abuse relating to Covid rule flouters. The Government is however responding with a move to up sentencing for individuals found guilty of assaulting shop workers.

Industrial action was also in the news again this month with Tesco supplier unions clashing with Tesco over renumeration.

Next level strategies 

It’s tough out there and, although retail leadership teams are responding with remarkable agility, instore challenges will continue. 

What can retailers do therefore to set themselves up to thrive into 2022 and beyond?

Here at SWL we understand that a systematic and data-driven approach to optimisation should be embedded in any retail strategy.

Your stores are open and you’re responding and trading well. That’s great – but could it be even better?

We are here to help you take it to the next level by asking yourself the most important question… ‘Are we the absolute best, we can be?’ 

As your productivity partner we have the tools to help you scrutinise and report across all areas of store activity, and then act upon data discoveries to deliver long-term uplift strategies.

We are experienced in doing this for a number of the biggest high street brands.

Discover together

Why not call SWL today to book an expertise discovery call?

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After all, productivity is for life – not just for Christmas.


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