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Continuous Customer Experience – Transforming Customer Feedback

Continuous Customer Experience - CCX

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Introducing CCX

SWL’s Continuous Customer Experience – CCX, is a new innovative CX solution that has been changing the way organisations approach customer feedback, supporting leadership in understanding the “Why” behind customer sentiment.

CCX is your tool to better understand customer sentiment and engage with your customers. CCX transcends traditional customer feedback approaches that only focus on the superficial “what”, simultaneously uncovering the “what” and the “why” behind customer sentiment.

Seamlessly integrated with your customer journey, CCX is the perfect medium to connect your customers with leadership. Giving leaders the flexibility to ask any question at any time, CCX provides instant anonymous feedback from customers, providing a 360-degree view of your entire enterprise.

Diving deep into Customer Satisfaction

With 80% of consumers now prioritising speed and convenience it’s imperative companies act fast on customer feedback and have a comprehensive understanding of the underlying issues causing customer dissatisfaction. Traditional approaches such as CSAT and NPS fall short in this regard, offering only surface-level insights into customer satisfaction and failing to uncover the deeper “why” behind customer sentiments.

CCX’s extensive reach and agility provides leaders with continuous data insights, allowing them to seamlessly track change over time and dive deep into every layer of their operation. By uncovering the hidden causes behind positive and negative experiences, CCX leaves no aspect unexplored, offering a comprehensive understanding of the true depth of customer insight.

CCX’s live data analysis and reporting equips the boardroom with actionable knowledge, allowing teams to swiftly address operational challenges and confidently allocate resources to prioritise areas of utmost importance to customers.  This invaluable clarity empowers strategic decision-making regarding which propositions to Stop, Start, Continue, and Enhance. By ensuring your offerings are continuously aligned with customer expectations, this approach enhances the customer experience and drives sustainable business growth.

Keep customers continuously engaged

It goes without saying that the relationship between organisations and their customers have changed. Instead of just being a transactional process, customers now want to feel like the organisations they interact with care for them and their needs. The importance customers place on customer care should not be underestimated. McKinsey’s estimate that compensating for the value of one lost customer can require the acquisition of three new customers.

CCX continuously engages with customers, gathering their opinions on a diverse range of topics, demonstrating your organisation’s commitment to attentive listening and responsive action based on their feedback. In contrast to long winded customer feedback surveys, CCX enables swift and anonymous feedback, effectively pinpointing the root causes of potential issues.

Its intuitive interface and rapid response mechanism have made it a resounding success with customers, facilitating the discovery of countless previously undisclosed insights for companies.

With CCX, customers feel like they have an active stake in the future of the company, promoting continuing customer loyalty and long-lasting engagement. Being able to demonstrate that you act on customer needs is not only essential in retaining customers, but also when growing your customer base. Each customer possesses an extensive network and word of mouth quicky spreads. If you’re able to demonstrate customer satisfaction is a top priority for your company, you’ll be attracting new customers and establishing a strong reputation in the market.

Discover how SWL’s CCX can benefit your operation

We’d be delighted to tell you more about how SWL’s Continuous Customer Experience can benefit your operation.

Whether you have an established CX strategy or are on a transformation journey, CCX can add immense benefit and value for your Retail Operation.

Why not book a no-commitment discovery call?

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