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This is SWL’s Store Loss Prevention – Roadmap to Zero

SWL is a specialist practice in productivity improvement for Retailers. A 30 year-old brand, SWL is focused on providing leading retail organisations with measurable operational improvement to help them be ‘The best they can be’ when it comes to Store Loss Prevention management. 



In recent years, Retail industry has been losing a significant part of their bottom line to Internal Theft, External Theft, Administrative errors and Supply Chain errors. In 2019, shrinkage accounted for 1.4% of retail sales or over £5.4bn in losses.

According to BRC Crime report, in 2019 Retailers spent around £1.2bn on crime prevention – the amount is 20% higher than the value spent in 2018.

When it comes to the convenience sector, losses are also significant. The Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) 2020 Crime Report highlighted that crime against the sector costs an estimated £211 million – equivalent to 7p per every transaction that takes place in the Convenience sector. According to the same source, currently there are circa 46955 convenience stores in mainland UK and combined they generate total sales of £44.7bn.

A further £209 million has been spent on measures of prevention. On average each store spends an additional £4,504 to mitigate loss. The top areas of investment are CCTV, external security, cash handling and storage

How SWL’s ‘Roadmap to Zero’ solution will help

The objectives of this new & effective Store Loss Prevention solution are as follows:

  • SWL will apply its expertise in ‘Productivity study’ to conduct a deep dive analysis of your operation, to get quickly to the root cause of your loss prevention opportunities.
  • SWL sizes up this loss and provide expert analysis and insight on their causes. This is applicable to small and large format retailers.
  • We identify the departments and areas of greatest loss and implement relevant process &/or systems to mitigate losses in these areas.
  • We are bespoke & specific in our approach with practical solution that are designed to fit with the operation and organisational budget.
  • Our 30 year brand is trusted and uniquely combines Retail specialist and Loss Prevention expert skills – who fully understand the target environment.


SWL Store Loss Prevention Roadmap to Zero - focused on providing leading retail organisations with measurable operational improvement to help them be ‘The best they can be’ when it comes to Loss Prevention management.

SWL Store Loss Prevention Roadmap to Zero

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With every aspect of SWL’s engagement you can be assured that we will adopt a safety first approach.  The health and well-being of our customers and staff is paramount.

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