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Food to Go: F2G 360 enables Convenience & Forecourt Retailers to operate a more effective and profitable food service operation in Stores

The Food to Go Market – Present Day

  • Food to Go (FTG) Retailers have enjoyed several years of growth, with Retailers rapidly expanding their Operations and investing in new Propositions across Store Estates
  • However, COVID-19 has had a widespread impact on Food to Go due to a reduction in footfall and Customer Missions driven by lockdowns, restrictions and a change in shopping habits
  • Despite the downturn caused by COVID-19, the Food to Go Market remains competitive with Retailers experimenting with new concepts, dedicating additional space to Food Services and launching new Product ranges
  • The future in the FTG Market looks extremely positive. The impact of COVID-19 is expected to be short-lived and recover to pre-COVID levels over the next 2 years
  • Competition is expected to intensify by 2022 FTG as businesses reinvent their Business Models – FTG Retailers need to be ready
F2G Operational Insight & Improvement

SWL’s F2G Operational Insight & Improvement


F2G 360 Solution enables your Best Performance

Through a Measure, Insight, Adapt, Perform approach from an Expert team

  • SWL’s F2G 360 Solution will enable a strong, reliable foundation for future growth in the FTG Market, delivering a successful and more profitable FTG Operation
  • It enables your FTG Operation to pro-actively react to the changing market conditions, enabling you to meet the Customer Missions in your store
  • Deliver the right number of hours to each FTG Store within your estate, enabling your FTG Teams to execute the best service to your Customers
  • It also focusses on the six key elements that you need to get right to operate a successful FTG department in your stores – the FTG Super Six
  • You can gain actionable, real-time insight from your FTG Customers with SWL’s CCX Solution, enabling you to make informed, reliable decisions at pace
  • It enables higher accuracy in your Production Planning and Product Ordering, ensuring your Customers can always buy the products they love, even when there is high demand
SWL F2G 360 - the Super Six themes for success

SWL F2G 360 – the Super Six themes for Food to Go success

COVID 19 Secure

SWL continue to work effectively and safely with our current and new customers, we have adopted best practice and utilised the latest technology and methods to ensure a safe Covid secure environment.

With every aspect of SWL’s engagement you can be assured that we will adopt a safety first approach.  The health and well being of our customers and staff is paramount.

If you would like more information on F2G 360, just call Gareth Richards on +44 (0)1527 895 020 or email at: gjr@swlgroup.com