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Productivity Improvement Services

SWL are exemplars in the field of Productivity Improvement – understanding your DNA.

SWL offers a specialist, niche expertise in productivity improvement. We provide a transformation from your current to an improved state of productivity and service performance. From here, we engender continuous improvement, with an agility to manage change.

Start at the Heart of Operations: Primary research and forensic study of your operation are vital starting point. We strive to understand the DNA, unique personality and brand values of your business in focus. We enable you to protect what’s good, and to develop, improve or stop in less productive areas of your business.

Accuracy is based on our thorough studies in representative stores that reflect accurately your enterprise’s characteristics. This ensures the most accurate and relevant findings and solutions, minimising project risk.

Informed Decision Making is now possible with complete transparency of productivity issues and opportunities. This is revealed in data fact.

In Enacting and Landing Change, SWL offer the best option for customers. Nothing is left to chance with the combination of:

  • SWL Specialist knowledge collaboration with suppliers, customer and consumers
  • SWL Productivity specialism and expertise
  • SWL Project management skills
  • SWL Proven methods, approaches and solutions
  • SWL Customised and bespoke software and hardware

SWL Solutions are agile to customer and market needs. We can equally provide hybrids of previously successful solutions, or completely brand new approaches. This provides a strong competitive advantage over the large, recognised corporates, who are often slow in responding due to a number of reasons – size and bureaucracy are high on their restriction list – but also they’re not close enough to customers, and decide themselves what the market wants! They can often adopt me too approaches or act merely as followers of other companies’ solutions footprints.

In contrast, SWL provides solutions tailored to your business, built from your DNA up.


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In less than a few weeks the SWL team were able to confirm and validate a true picture of our current labour utilisation, plus the actual workload that was required for store delivery and replenishment processes.

Retail Director, Matalan