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Productivity Improvement Services

SWL are exemplars in the field of Productivity Improvement.

SWL’s Productivity Improvement Services blend in-depth retail productivity studies with market-leading procedures and cutting-edge technology, facilitating in a greater depth of opportunity realisation and delivering significant benefits and return on investments.

No matter the size of the retailer or the sector they operate in, SWL helps every customer achieve maximum sales and deliver best service, all at the optimum labour cost.

The unparalleled quality of SWL’s productivity programmes, generated by our highly-skilled consultants, delivers fast, sophisticated analysis; meaning acting on SWL’s recommendations will yield realistic, achievable financial benefits quickly.

In less than a few weeks the SWL team were able to confirm and validate a true picture of our current labour utilisation, plus the actual workload that was required for store delivery and replenishment processes.

Retail Director, Matalan