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Now that you’re continuing to trade in Retail New Normal, is your business the best that it can be?

Recovery and safe transition through and beyond Retail New Normal needn’t be high risk. Retail Improvement specialists SWL’s Retail Crisis Recovery programme offers three essential components for Insight, Transition and Optimisation through this challenging period.


Retailers have faced the toughest challenge since the 2008-12 economic global recession – namely reopening whole estates after an unprecedented crisis and operating in an unknown Retail landscape. SWL’s Retail Crisis Recovery offers the best path and partnership for moving towards a new BAU for Retailers. We continue to publish detailed syntheses of our own and other Thought Leaders’ analysis of and predictions for the Retail New Normal in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. The articles can be found here:

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Recovery and safe transition into and beyond Retail New Normal needn’t be high risk. SWL Retail Crisis Recovery offers a partnership with three essential components for insight, transition and optimisation through this challenging period and beyond.

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  • Understanding the new and evolving Retail landscape
  • Build an effective Recovery Plan

–   Most effective store opening plan

–   Best in-Store Health and Safety practices

–   Understand Customer behaviours – what’s changed/ changing

–   What is the best HR model for the new trading landscape

–   Understanding Colleagues’ different needs

–   Learnings from Retailers trading the last 6 months


  • Redefine the operation
  • Recover with considered change

–   Identify what to start, stop, enhance, continue to be effective now – and perform in the emerging Retail New Normal (RNN).

–   Reliable Foundation for Change

–   Act on operational ‘Data-fact’ + Customer & Colleague Feedback + Proven Methods + Expert knowledge

–   Make strong decisions for continuous improvement to Customers ‘Shopping’ and Colleagues ‘Working’ Experiences based on Real + Current feedback.


  • Having Redefined the operation
  • Optimise and sustain performance

–   Continuous review on Safety & Welfare practices for Customer/ Colleague

–   Simultaneously, deploy best processes to trade effectively in a recession

–   Effective HR Model to deliver ‘Best Shopping Experience’ that’s optimised to the new Landscape/ Conditions and within Organisations capability.

–   Agile & Continuous Strategy – ability to pre-empt & adapt to further change and perform in the Retail New Normal.


Retail Crisis Recovery

At SWL Group we know from over 30 years’ of retail experience that you can’t be at the mercy of market behaviours and awaiting recession recovery – you have to perform NOW.

SWL’s Retail Partners have a ‘Transition Strategy’ – they first gain insight and then have reliable actions for continuous improvement. Many of your stores are open and you’re trading – but how effective are you? Are you the very best that you can be? Are you unneccessarily leaking costs, and missing opportunities for positive change? Let SWL find out for you – we can help!

Everyone wants help from a trusted advisor at a time of uncertainty – Retail Store Improvement specialists, the SWL Group, are a proven and robust choice for today’s complex market challenges. In the first instance if you would like more information on SWL Retail Crisis Recovery, just call Gareth Richards on +44 (0)1527 895 020. Alternatively, you can email him at gjr@swlgroup.com.